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December 11, 2007


Susan Crawford

Here's my question about this very interesting development. How do "NGN" and "open" actually go together as concepts? Isn't the idea behind NGN that it will include a control layer - IMS - above the dark fiber layer location you're pointing to?

The press release from Singapore doesn't really tell us how this will work.

Also, in Japan "NGN" certainly seems to include "IMS" - http://scrawford.net/blog/more-filtration-processes/1068/

Any thoughts about this?



Yes, NGN frequently means pre-IMS or IMS like networks and it almost always refers to a complete network, i.e. physical layer up through some applications (like triple play).

What struck me about this announcement were the explicit use of the phrases "passive network" and "structural separation."

Subsequently, I wrote to two friends in Singapore for further ideas and got pointed to the RFP qualification site, which is here: http://tinyurl.com/2znbnx

You have to "qualify" before you get the actual RFP, but there is enough interesting material for a follow-on blog post which I will do once I've digested it a bit further.


Follow on post is here:

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