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February 20, 2007


alpha barry

I was reading your assessment on the mobile phone companies in Guinea. As a consumer of mobile phone, I'm curious to know as for why phone companies in Guinea have failed to introduce a voice message system for their growing clientele? I thought you may know the answer to this question especially that you have done some study on them. By the way, I'm from Sierra Leone, and we do have a voice message system offered by some companies. I get annoy whenever I call Conakry and unable to leave a voice message.

Thanks for your reply,


I'm sorry, I don't know. Operators deploy voice mail because it increases total traffic and makes them more money, i.e.:
A calls B, but gets voice mail and leaves a message
B call voice mail and listens to message
B calls A
Thats three completed (billable) phone calls instead of one unanswered call (not billable)! Typically voice mail equipment is not expensive (thus rapid payback on the money spent), so not deploying voice mail, or making it hard or expensive to access, doesn't make sense to me.

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