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October 04, 2006




Can you teach me how to calculate system capacity for VoiceSMS application using BHCA?


Fairuz, I'm sorry for the long delay in responding. I've been out of the country and then on vacation. Here's a summary of how to approach the calculation.

Beside BHCAs you also need to know the average call holding time, i.e. the time someone is connected to the Voice SMS system's IVR to either record audio or listen to audio. From call attempts and average holding time, you can calculate the total amount of traffic minutes on the IVR system during the busy hour. That's referred to as the "Erlangs" of traffic. For example, if you expect a total of 450 minutes of traffic during the busy hour, that would be 7.5 Erlangs of traffic (450/ 60 minutes in an hour).

Next you need to pick an acceptable loss criteria, for example 0.5%, i.e. 199 out of 200 call attempts will get through correctly.

Then you need to use Erlang B traffic tables. Erlang B refers to the case where calls are not queued, i.e. if the system is busy when someone calls, that call attempt is lost. Erlang B is more appropriate to Voice SMS than Erlang C (which applies to call centers and other places where callers wait in a queue).

There are software packages (typically for sale) which do Erlang B calculations and there are also Erlang B tables, for example:
Given the Erlangs of traffic and the acceptable loss, you look in the table to find the number of trunks you need on your IVR system.

I hope helps a bit. More than that and you'll need to read some traffic engineering texts. :-)


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Md. Ariful Islam

would anyone please let me know how to calculate the capacity for SMSC and MMSC?

Thanks in advance...

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