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July 23, 2010


Rick Rotondo


Thanks for the fair overview of where xG is today. It did take a reinvention of the company to move into our new direction of offering carrier class cognitive radios. Hopefully we can get this technology into the standards at some point.

Rick Rotondo
VP Marketing
xG Technology

John DeWoort


Not exactly a confidence building comment...can the company reach commercialization before the tech is "standard"?

VoIP software

It's a wise policy to adopt VoIP, I think it's the general trend.


Good post Brough,

Great to get a reliable first-hand impression.


I'm amazed. Brough says you've dropped the revolutionary 2006 modulation, upon which investors gave xG their hard-earned dollars. You say the company, and therefore presumably, the technology has had a re-invention, yet there has been no announcement to the stockmarket of this pretty major event. xMax has been switched for 'newMax' without you telling your investors! I've made a post on my blog that I'd like your comments on.

Thanks. John

Adam Saad

I am agreed with John DeWoort and Brough its really nice to know all this about VOIP

Taobao English

Um...like the style of your writing.*_*

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