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July 27, 2010



Dear Brough Tuner, I find your conclusion interesting and agree to this. For WiFi I guess you mean IEEE 802.11af, but do you know of any progressive initiatives for TV white space access with WiMAX?

I have heard somewhere that WiFi Alliance will certify products for IEEE 802.11af and think this could be an important driver for the first massive commercial deployment of a cognitive radio network in the TV white spaces.


Thanks Pål,

Assuming the white spaces actually do become useful, i.e. the originally proposed rules are relaxed a bit, I expect the (usually smaller) equipment manufacturers that serve the WISP industry to reband products into the white spaces fairly quickly. Most of these will likely be Wi-Fi, either per 802.11af or in advance of "af" if the spec is delayed.

There are fewer WiMAX manufacturers addressing WISP markets, but some of the companies that have rebanded WiMAX gear for the 3650 MHz lite licensed band would be my guess.


Hi Pl
Thanks for the comment. Theres an answer here:

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