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June 23, 2009


Jeff Jones

Very interesting. I’ll be reading more of your topics and recommending our customers.

Jeff Jones

ThinkBright.net - VOIP Internet Business Phone Systems

Sam Schneider

Great insight that really got me thinking!

The dumb pipe strategy became even more relevant with the advent of Hulu, and to some extent, the growing popularity of consumer VoIP. At this point, the advantages of a "triple play" bundle are slipping away rapidly. Pretty much all that's left is convenience and some premium programming, but how long before HBO/Starz goes the way of Hulu?

Even though it seems Comcast, Verizon, et al are too married to their precious triple play bundles to see the necessity of re-tasking their model to dumb pipes, I wouldn't be surprised if market pressure forced them in that direction kicking and screaming. TV Everywhere is more a move of desperation than a real answer to the shift toward premium content on the web. The writing truly is on the wall when TV manufacturers are integrating YouTube and other online video into their TVs like Panasonic's VIERA.

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