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March 31, 2009



Doesnt full minimally compressed HD TV need at most 8Mb/s (or was it 16 I dont recall)? 500Kbit in 200ms may not be realistic... yet.

But even then, I'm not sure that more bandwidth is going to help - unless you're talking about a network that is so congested that you are seeing 200ms of queuing delay (and god awful jitter and packet loss as well).

But in properly provisioned networks a delay of 200ms is going to be mostly propagation delay and (in best Scotty from Star Trek accent) "You canna' change the laws of physics capt'n!" ;-)


Allen (and the others who questioned via Twitter and email), Sorry to be sloppy. My only excuse, is the rush of being in the room with multiple things going on at once.
A better post is here:

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