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October 09, 2008


Katrin Verclas

Brough - I tend to agree with you on good, optimistic days, though it seems to very much depend where you are in the world. Here is one counter-opinion from someone who should know - Nathan Eagle from EPROM/MIT: http://mobileactive.org/mobile-web-not-helping-developing-world-and-what-we-can-do-about-it-guest-writer-nathan-eagle

Interesting discussion from a development and social change perspective, which I think, is probably a bit different than from an industry perspective.

Thanks again, Brough!

Brough Turner


I understand and agree with Nathan's view. He's reflecting reality, both last year when he wrote it and still today, in Africa and in many other emerging markets. My article is talking about what we will see in developed countries over the next few years and everywhere (including Africa) within a decade.

Ten years can make an enormous difference. For now, the positive thing you can say about telecommunications in Africa is it's dramatically better than it was five years ago. :-)

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