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October 25, 2008



Mr. Brough Turner,
Since I live in Bucharest, and as a coincidence pretty involved in the Tech Business, I will write couple of lines. Actually, it's not even FTTB/FTTH fiber in those pictures and in the city in general. It for CATV. The problem is that after 1989, when the communist party was defeated by people, there was only one national TV channel, only 2 hours per day of broadcast, no content, no nothing. So in 1991-1992, there was an explosion of the CATV business. The people were thrilled by the mirage of TV content. It was so successful that the CATV operators, until '97-'99 charged the installation fee including the cable to the home actually, so they pretty much build the local loop on the customer's expense.
So those cables are FO, QR, F11 an so on, mostly for CATV optical nodes, etc. Then, in '98 - '99 the second revolution began. The broadband data. Of course, the first ISPs were the CATV operators. In Romania DSL was born dead since the incumbent operator, Romtelecom had no brain to benefit from their own local loop, build by the state in 30 years.
So, Romania, besides USA and Holland I guess, became one of the first example where the CATV broadband to DSL was 9 to 1 at least.
And with this second step, more and more cables were to be laid over the city.
There was an idea somewhere after 2000 to dig the cables. The proposition was that a company should offer the space and maintenance for this infrastructure and all the operators to pay some fee to use it. But it died without success since there is corruption even in the IT&C agencies.

Sorry for this long post, this is the short version :)

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