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September 25, 2008



The Skype-Asterisk deal means Skype is officially supporting multi-channel connectivity to an open source SIP platform. That in turn means an Asterisk box can function as a gateway between Skype and any other SIP-based system, inlcuding Gizmo.
Buzz marketing

via fCh

A world of opportunity for equipment manufacturers. So much will happen not only in the consumer market, but also enterprise--Yes, Skype in the enterprise (SIP Phone, SIP PBX already exiting). Due to network effects, it will also create a whole market along this direction.

Cynthia Stancil


It would be greatly appreciated if someone could contact our office for support help. We have been trying now for a week to get help with the add credit feature and it is not working or it may be user error. Regardless we can not seem to get any assistance. we truly like the website, but it is not very user friendly right now.

Alex Brown

Great article, its also good to hear. Oh and if your looking for SIP Trunking related things you should check out www.thedigest.com

Jewelry Online

Interesting. I am looking for a platform, or some sort of system, so I can create a web based app for my company which can place calls out from the site.

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