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August 28, 2008



I wonder if you could look at data in the US by age, if usage would be different. I wonder if, even with an additional cost to have text, if you would see that younger people use more text than voice.

I say this because I would prefer we all used voice in my house because it costs more to add a text bundle for each phone. However, all my girls do is text. I can’t understand it because I’d rather talk than type, especially because you use multiple text messages to hold a simple conversation. My girls can’t even explain why they prefer texting – they just do (other than the fact that you can sneak in conversations in school when you are not supposed to be on the phone). Both of my girls now have plans that allow 5000 texts per month. I was forced to buy a plan too because they don’t listen to my voice messages! We never even come close to using all the voice minutes we pay for. We use less than 300 per month.

Anyway, I just was wondering if we will see a change in the US in the future, even one not related to pricing?

Brough Turner

Joanne, I absolutely agree there are other issues, like age and culture, that impact people's use of voice versus SMS. Stumbling on the statistical data from Denmark caused me to think about the impact of flat rate (versus per minute or per message) billing which seems to be the dominate difference between Denmark and the US. But age is also an interesting subject.

I'm not an authority on teenagers (an understatement!), but I'll venture to suggest there are two things that might attract your girls (or anyone) to texting over voice. First, you can pause for a second or a minute before you respond. If you are not good at repartee, those extra moments will help. Second, texting allows you to carry on multiple conversations in parallel.

As for the age difference, it's easier to learn skills when you are young and creating SMS messages is a skill, as is multi-tasking, which adults can pick up, but perhaps not as easily as a child.

Just some thoughts... Thanks for the comment.

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