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October 02, 2007


Shai Berger

I thought the question about churn (from Dean Bubley) was actually making the point that the web-based social networks - Friendster, MySpace, Facebook - have a "coolness" lifespan of 12-18 months and that this is about how long it takes a carrier to get something up and running. The subtext being that carriers (and their on-deck partners) will never be able to bring us the next Facebook.

Jouni Welander

Hello Brough,

Hope you're doing well. I just read your blog entries of the great event that you guys put together and where I had a priviledge to contribute in two of your panels. I just wanted to correct one important detail of the quotes presented, which is that "12M people accessed social networking sites using their MOBILE DEVICES in June of 2007". (As the total accesses for social networking sites is roughly ten-fold....).

Hope to see you next year again at the latest...

Cheers, Jouni


Thanks Jouni! I've corrected that sentence and added a link to the M:Metrics study.

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