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October 23, 2007



heh heh, the Great Firewall of China says that blogs.nmss.com is blocked


Actually, my blog was available the whole time I was in China, both to read and posting (which I do via typepad.com). Greatwallofchina.com is evidently error prone.

On the other hand, at least the following things were definitely blocked (but still accessible to me via Tor): wikipedia, wordpress.com, and the Google cache, i.e. Google in English was available, but any attempt to access the Google cache just timed out.


I once thought that wikipedia was blocked within china
turns out that it's just blocked for dns resolution
if you add the ip to you host file, it usually works
but that's a while back, when i was there

Chuck Baggett

Is this why the Hipihi virtual world, with headquarters located in Beijing, is not displaying objects properly for users outside of China?

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