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June 10, 2007


Marc D

Guess Telefonica, Gama, National Grid and Ericsson donºt agree with you, or Phil who stands to lose his job pretty gosh darn soon.



Have I missed something? Have Telefonica, Gama, National Grid and Ericsson all signed big supply contracts with xG? Or have they merely agreed to "test" their technology?

Marc D

Yep, you missed something. Huge companies often test scams, and scams often let huge companies test the tech. You are a riot. Bloggers are idiots, that no one can deny.

John Newkirk

I noticed the following URL http://www.ee.ucsc.edu/~friedlan/wireless_fiction.html which relates to your article. Thought you may be interested. I find this pretty funny - P.T. Barnum was right ...

Marc D

John, found this on the actual site of the company. It´s a professor at an Ivy League school talking about xMax...http://www.xgtechnology.com/documents/Schwartz%20xMax%20Evaluation.pdf ,
erherher, guess PT Barnum was right.

Marc D

I mean, it´s quite intelligent to ignore what the company is saying...really, who is better informed...the company or a state university "professor"...please.

Marc d


I guess a direct competitor (Qualcomm), and a few nobody bloggers knows more than Frost and Sullivan...

Bloggers, a small step above fecal matter.


Well, it's now one whole year later and there's STILL nothing out of xG Technology -- except word that a bunch of their senior engineers quit en masse.

Watching the Train Wreck

And now they've announced a deal claiming to have sold 1000 of their upgraded base stations for $75 million (with an option for 4000 more for another $300 million!!!), even though this new base station hasn't been built yet and the previous one never worked. And it appears the "buyer" is another shell created by their most vocal and obnoxious supporter, who just happened to be the one behind FlashComm, another of their former "customers".

The tales just get taller and taller.

Train Wreck, great name for you

Holy Christ, I'm behind everything. You peasants are constantly kissing my ass. The BSN200's worked, bozo. They were not commercial.

You are a fantasist. Keep strokin solo. You are a train wreck. Great name.

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