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December 29, 2006



See also David Isenberg's original article about: "The rise of the stupid network".


Actually, while David Isenberg's 1997 paper, The Rise of the Stupid Network at http://www.rageboy.com/stupidnet.html, was seminal, it did assume that some QoS would be built into the Internet. I quote

"... in the Stupid Network, because the data is the boss, it can tell the network, in real time, what kind of service it needs. And the Stupid Network would have a small repertoire of idiot-savant behaviors to treat different data types appropriately. If the data identified itself as financial data, the Stupid Network would deliver it accurately, no matter how many milliseconds of delay the error checking would take. If the data were two-way voice or video, the Stupid Network would provide low delay, even at the price of an occasional flipped bit."

David is a very sharp person, but in 1997 the only published concept I'm aware of that might have applied to QoS was the original end-to-end paper of J.H. Saltzer, D.P. Reed and D.D. Clark, End-to-End Arguments in System Design at http://web.mit.edu/Saltzer/www/publications/endtoend/endtoend.pdf . This paper focused on reliable transimssion, but presented a general concept that suggests why multi-cast, QoS and other complexity in the network is probably a mistake.


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