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October 31, 2006



Sounds impressive Brough:

Do you knowwhat sort of quality is the video in this instance?

And what bandwidth are the users receiving the video from their handsets (ie, how does the video make it's way from the carrier to the customer handset? ISDN?)


The video is QCIF (176 x 144 pixels). All handsets support at least H.263 coding, but most support MPEG-4 level 0. There's a ton of additional data here:

The video is carried over circuit-switched data, i.e. ISDN, typically at 64 Kbps. This sounds nuts in a world of IP, but it's real and it works with virtually all 3G handsets and all 3G networks. It has the advantage of guaranteed QoS and fast response, so channel changing takes only a second or so.

All and all, it's a highly interactive service, much better than IP-based unicast video or the broadcast mobile TV trials I've read about.

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