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September 01, 2006


Mark P

Counterintuitive, indeed. In fact, I will never forget the wonderfully intense Wednesday evening at a certain Woods Hole conference back in 2002 or so, where the after dinner panelists lamented that the network we want is the one no one can afford to offer. While I would love to have a big, fat, dumb pipe coming to my house, instead of the misshapen asymmetric troll I have now, is this report a case of if you don't like the ill-effects on health of butter today, just wait until tomorrow, when we will learn that butter is now good for us?


Mark Seery

Not only is there money in dumb pipes it is arguably a more defendable turf than ASPs. An ASPs biggest competitors are their own customers (advertisers and consumers), and the barriers to entry are lower (no disrespect intended to those ASPs that are successful at developing a sustainable competitive advantage through technology or business model IP).

The chapter "A Contestable Center" discusses this in "Marketing bandwidth to the home (MBTTH)"

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