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August 17, 2006


Ville Saarikoski

Please have a look at
It hopefully might interest you.

I just completed my PhD thesis in which I studied why the west failed with the mobile internet and Japan was successful. I conclude the thesis with a hypothesis:
The western mobile internet has contained no elements which are efficient in a scale free sense. By adding elements which are efficient (e.g. mobile email, wlan, flat rate pricing, search engines etc) you will be successful with the mobile internet business.
This is cause and effect- or at least very close

I noted you are combining scale free with long tail. I have
been doing that and it proves a very interesting thing to play with. If you add to it the works of Lessig and yochai Benkler and the idea of building digital commons, the picture gets more interesting.

Let me know if this raises any questions/ideas...

Beaumont Vance

You are absolutely correct that the issue of power laws and the work done by Barbasi is a critical issues in the markets. Few outside o academia seem to have noticed anything except that markets involving IP are not Gaussian. I am a Risk Manager for Sun Microsystems and just discovered Barbasi’s work. It has powerful implications for the markets. Thanks for bringing it up. Do you have any further references regarding work in this area?

Like you am a technical specialist who writes frequently out of my passion for these things.


I have written two other related posts, mentioning interesting work by Mandelbrot. Look here:
8/18/2006: http://blogs.nmss.com/communications/2006/08/power_law_vs_lo.html
9/08/2007: http://blogs.nmss.com/communications/2007/09/do-quants-under.html

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