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July 17, 2006


Yi Lin

So much for the stereotype of "democracy". Being called a "democracy" makes people think India = US. The matter of fact is demoracies in different countries have different forms and results, which are not always good.


Oh guys, just wanted to say there has been plenty of discussions and a lot of bloggers have created a racket and plenty of complaints have been made to the relavant bodies, lets see what comes of it. I personally don't believe that the block will last long.



I remember when the blogs were banned in Pakistan. My friends were very upset. Knowing what we know about the capabilities of Pakistani government, bloggers were quick to find the alternatives. Check out this recent post that talks about the earlier ban in Pakistan and the new ban in India.


In my opinion, the state run media usually waits for a nod from the government to discuss sensitive issues like these. Especially after 7/11, most of the media is trying to cooperate with the government in order to find the culprits. Unlike United States, countries like Pakistan (not sure about India) lack the technological advancements to quietly monitor the civilians.


[What I find disappointing is the mainstream Indian press. Where is the outcry? Where is the discussion?]

There's been lots of coverage:



Indeed, I'm now (Wednesday morning) seeing comment in the mainstream Indian press that I didn't see on Monday, for example:

There was also coverage page A8 of the US editions of today's Wall Street Journal.

Now that the news is being covered, hopefully this will be followed with editorials in the mainstream Indian press.

Suresh Ramasubramanian

There's some fairly extensive coverage - some more links at Jace's blog

And this article appeared in quite a few editions of the Times of India


Yes, the good news is the increasing mainstream coverage and finally, today, the Indian Department of Telecommunications has reversed course:


http://mutiny.wordpress.com/2006/07/21/isps%e2%80%99-laziness-caused-the-indian-blog-blackout/ for the real story behind the blockade.


Thanks "Woke." Surfing from the URL you posted, I came across these two URLs of interest. The first is a scanned image of the actual order from the DoT:
The second, from "The Renegade of Junk", describes some of the obvious typos in the DoT's list where they clearly misspelled the names of some of the sites they wished to block.

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