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June 28, 2006



I signed up for this conference about 3 weeks ago. This is my first time attempting to attend this conference. Could anyone tell me what I should expect from this conference? I am a telephony (TDM) programmer and a novice in IP telephony markets. What should I be doing to prepare for this conference? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Mr. Brough for writing about this topic.

I am also thinking about attending the VOIP dev con in Santa Clara. Anyone else going there?


Ellen Cliggott

Hi, we're glad you're planning to attend! Connect 2006, hosted by NMS, is a series of global conferences that target key business and technical decision makers who are interested in learning about the vital drivers shaping the communications ecosystem — the business issues, the market drivers, the technology challenges, the compelling applications, and the end user demands.

You'll get timely and insightful information about market opportunities, innovative applications, technology trends, and product solutions, as well as valuable networking opportunities.

Please visit www.nmscommunications.com/connect0651blog for updates on the conference agenda and sessions. We look forward to seeing you!


Xia, Thanks for the comment and questions. I'm sorry I've taken so long to get to them, but I actually took several days off, skipping even blog reading until last night!

At our developer conferences, we have a good mix of NMS business and technical people including development engineers, so it is a good place to grill people on details that might or might not come across in our published material. There's also a business-centric track that includes both NMS and outside speakers. Typically these cover trends which could represent business opportunities and trends we see in other areas - like Asia - which are interesting and may be leading indicators for things that will show up in the US or EU in due course. I haven't seen the agenda yet (I'm sure it's still in flux), but Ellen Cliggott has inserted a comment above with the URL where the agenda will show up.

I won't be at the VoIP Developer Conference in Santa Clara, but NMS will be there (Booth 109). The last time I attended this conference was three years ago. At that time it was relatively small (as was much of our industry) but focused and worth attending.


Thank you for the replies. See you all at the conf.


I just noticed that the agenda is up for North American meeting. [Maybe it was there all this time and I didn't notice]. I thought I should share...


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