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March 25, 2006


Razib Ahmed

Thanks for your excellent post. Bangladesh is also witnessing a massiave growth in the mobile phone sector. Bangladesh is also witnessing

massive growth in ICT sector. Unfortunately, the potential of Bangladesh is
not reflected very well in the international media.


hi, it is good to see u u have a interest init . keep tryin.

Imran Siddique

Thank you for this informative and precise information.

Badar Khushnood

Very concise & precise comparison... And, here in Pakistan, we are still at initial stages of moving out from urban & sub-urban areas to rural communities connecting them using GSM & CDMA. Still a long way to catch-up!

Raheel khan

i m an indian but still i admire Pakistan.they r really hard working and honest people as for in our country we all just want money we are all corrupt thats y we cannot do the advances as Pakistan(the great nation)did.pakis..u guys r great

Muhammad Sohaib

Well done Pakistan. The analysis seems to be favouring Pakistan, but what about the next 12-18 months? Any projections

Ali Khan

i m pakistani but still i admire India.they r really hard working and honest people as for in our country we all just want money we are all corrupt thats y we cannot do the advances as India(the great nation)did.Indians..u guys r great


Hmmm....I dont think one can trust the numbers coming out of Pakistan, the country is full of fucked up liars starting from their General-President et all.


Chandan, I'm generally suspicious of government numbers (& not just in Pakistan), but I also have access to carrier data compiled by ARC, Ovum and RCR Wireless. There's some variance in the numbers (but also in what's being counted and the cut-off dates), but not enough to suggest the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (or India's TRAI) is lying about mobile subscriber counts. For populations, I usually defer to the CIA World Factbook.


Would you have any data regarding the number of weblogs in use in Pakistan?

sohail anjum

hi i dont want to comments on advancement made by pakistan or india but i am pakistani and surprised to see that whenever i visit any wesite indian use very strong languauge towards pakistan to me its not fair beacuse it shows that they are not intrested to turn things good rather making things worse. it is my advice for indain and pakitanis to avoid from any agression of speech and try to write polite towards each thers......thanx

Akbar Hussain

I am Indian I have nothing against the country Pakistan,But the problem between two countries are diplomatic.There should not be any problem when it comes to person to person,but some of the muslims in pakistan make comments about Indian muslims that sparks nothing but trouble.As a muslim we are fine in India.We donot have the pressure to change our relegion if we have to be Celebrity in India or any wellknown person(it all goes by the person and talents).We have all kinds of people with different relegious background in India doing good in every stage and aspect of life.As a muslim we love pakistanis but not there sparkling comments

Mohammad Ali

There are always idiots who remark stupid comments about Pakistan. In curruption ranking India still surpass Pakistan. Public relations and living in illusion is what India good at. When you look at India and Pakistan manufacturing growth you will see that Pakistan with no industry in 1947 has come to pace with India or more advanced. Pakistan is nearly 10 years ahead in telecom sector than India. Now days thanks to Musharaff Pakistan is making rapid strides and I think if he goes on it would be much better for Pakistan. I think you should know that Pakistan is the only country along with Japan to move to Fibre Optics from copper.

The tele-density in pakistan is increasing day by day. I see people now carrying mobile phones with three to four sims of different providers. Nearly everyone in Pakistan will have mobile in one to two years. If you want to see the real tele density come to Pakistan were you will either get free connection or might get a connection for 150 to 100 r.s (2.5 $), where you can call Europe or America for 2 R.S thats hell of a thing for country still considered underdeveloped


I would say that as an Indian, I do not wish to compete with Pakistanis on everything. India has a disadvantage, being a larger country. Due to sheer population, it cannot compete with Pakistanis on teledensity, this is completely understandable. It will take longer for India to improve its infrastructure. While there are parts in India such as south which are doing well, a major portion of the country (north and east) are in trouble due to this. It also comes from bad leadership locally. Unfortunately, everything ties up, locations that have better education have better investment, lower crime, better development and so on. There are always exceptions to this rule, but it will hold true on an average. This is true for India and Pakistan. However, India has done a good job in some cases and stands to benefit from this.


I just want to say be peaceful....even you are Pakistani or Indian. I am Pakistani but like peace....I will agree with azra who said about strong language used in many websites against each other’s country and this is absolutely disgusting.
And Mr Sohail Anjum I respect whatever you said….and personally I have a friend from India who is also Muslim….he is really nice guy.

But all of you remember if some one from any country uses strong language against another country please don’t think that whole nation of that country is same. Don’t forget there are bad and good people in every country.


I am a Pakistani and i agree that Pakistan has made development in Telcom sector but there are other industries which also needs lot of improvements, as far as india is concern it is a big country with huge population so good luck to india as well

Akbar Ali

India and Pakistan is 2 different country being a Indian I would say ma and masi we can not compare each other,we should learn to love each other.India is doing good in telecommunication I donot know people in the site have what kind of info,India,China U.S and U.S.S.R the only 4 countries have there own(solo)spaceship in the orbit no joint venture.and they can have cheaper telecommunication.we(india) do not have to buy anything India spend 50 billion dollars per year for space research and developement.Today as of 2004 onwards india is number one in bio-tech and bio-medicine research.India produces the best AIDS medicine in the world.U.S is aware of that.Oceanology India is doing remarkable improvement.Along with Ireland and Philipinnes I.T Sector India is improving.IIT and IIM today is worlds number one businness school.MBA Graduates from IIT and IIM gets the jobs before graduation as we know PEPSI world CEO is indian IIM and SAP worls Germany CEO from iim both ladies.100 other companies have IIM CEO'S.No doubt pakistan also doing good despite of relegious obstacles.We are proud India we have Dr. Kalam our president,We have indias best actor Sharukh.We send Sania Mirza to paly tennis,we have another contester in tennis may be better than Sania,
a Hindu girl.But we choose Sania.We Indian judge people by talent not by relegion.We donot force people the way pakistani captain has to convert in Islam from christian.Such a disrespect once relegion.It is human created not country or relegion should be blamed.

Akbar Ali

Ignorant like Badar khusnood like ignorant people cannot be Indian,Nemokharami in blood.Make comments like zero knowledge and uneducated people


hey hi,
i am an indian and love subcontinent people and just went on to se the data given by you all. i realy doubt it ..India has a strong base in telecommunication.. a secular democracy, has robust economy,indigenous programme..every body has a right to grow and have freedom of speech..bein anti indian is not good for pakistanis, nepalis,bangladeshis since majority of sub continent player,singers, celebrity come to india for fame..but its not visa versa ..letus come in your country know you all people our culture is same our language is same..lets not fight on stupid communication system ..and for data both indians and pakistanis i guess have access to world media..so better we the people of both the country decide what is better a slow moving democracy..or a fast prez rule who is supreme and whos verdict is own and not people verdict..

Dr.Javed Akthar

I am listenning everyone,Being a pakistani my question is why are we showing our jeolousy nature to Indians.India is doing good.We are trying too.We have biggest relegious obstacle which put us back 200 years.I have lot of Indian friend in London England my adopted homeland.Also I was in India,find wonderful people in the country very hospitable and friendly.Hindus are very good and polite they maynot be good fighters from Indian History I have learned as a historian any time Hindu and Muslims in India get into problem or Fight,because Hindus cannot fight Sikhs are the one helped Hindus in all the fights.Today India has people from all kind of relegious background We need that In Pakistan before complaining


I think this is so hilarious . An American guy puts some Pakistani -Indian stats on side by side and you lot turn it into a cricket match.It wouldn't matter if you were playing hopscotch you would still turn it into an International incident.I am Scottish of pakistani descent...nationality is all bullshit including Indian and pakistani nationality . These are games thought up by a few individuals who then let other monkeys kill over them. Yes Pakistan has done well to go from not even a pencil factory to a decent economic growth.India is having a boom which was inevitable after it opened up its economy .We will only benefit if there is a strong Pakistan and a strong India. Its called win win ,in the end its the only way that works. Not by being fighting cocks in a pit.Who knows ...that path might even lead to reunification( I know ,I know thats another discussion on it s own)


Come on guys. Stop being foolish. Why do we always compare India and Pakistan. Only because of few nuts out there, who do not have any serious work to do, start some crap topic like this and all start proving superior. Come on. Its time to show that we are all growing as an individual which obviously reflects when the nation as a whole is progressing 2 imrove. Stop fighting each other. Start GROWING AS A WELL-BEHAVED CITIZEN OF THE WORLD and not Indian or Pakistani or for that matter any one. GROW UPPPPP!!!!!!


Comparing India and Pakistan is a difficult task. Being a Pakistani I must say that no doubt India has improved a lot on the technology front but it had many things going for it, on the international stage.
Pakistan may lag behind India in some cases, only because we have the curse of feudalism still with us.
If we shake of feudalism, Pakistan will definitely shoot past India in all fields.

S. Qureshi

Thanks for the stats. I would request you to keep on comparing both countries' telecom sector as they continue their journey towards 100% teledensity. There are few other sectors in which Pakistan has done a good job and someone needs to take a look into these areas.
Use of CNG as a fuel & number of CNG gas stations, a huge network of piped natural gas supply into the homes and the industry, a computrized database of all citizens (NADRA), computrized national ID card, machine readable passport, motorways & highways, motorway & highway police system, EZ pass at toll plazas, ATM network throughout the country and the WI Max broadband triple play available in the entire country (Wateen).
Pakistan is not doing good job in the areas of software and entertainment industry.


Don't make me laugh) U can't a troubled, uneductaed and Phenetic country like pakistan to India. Please compare pakistan with Haiti. may be u will score there


Hello all,

good going all, but as i Pakistani I must give you an example y india is ahead of Pakistan.

one has taken control of a running business {india} and other has to do all on his own {Pakistan}.. who will be first to reach stability .. definitely one who got a stable business. and thats y India is ahead , everyone knows what Pakistan had and what india was given at the time of seperation {Industries and other stuff}. So for that what Pakistan {although much behind india } but , is now is going very well than india

May Allah bless Pakistan

Salman Saif

Yes, there must be competition between Pakistanies And Indians. because a good competition is always proved to be a measure of success and failure.
no doubt Indians are doing well in some sectors like Media, IT and medicine. but Pakistan too hasnt left any stone unturned.


I think we indians should stop feeding the paki trolls ! pakistan should start comparing itself to bangladesh! or somalia for that matter!

Anand, Mumbai.

Hi friends,

I have read lots of comments on India v/s Pakistan, Indians V/s Pakistanis etc. I have raomed around the world. I often found closenes with my fellow Indians or my sub-continental neighbours more than any one else in the world. It clearly indicates that political borders can't divide the hearts and will.

Of course almost all countries in the sub-continent are going through the same phase of political environment i.e. a kind of anarchy except India. It is a matter of proud for me being an Indian. However, I wish my neighbours like Pakistanis, Bangaladeshis' & Nepalis' also enjoy this kind of political stability in their countries.

The comparison of Telecom growth is not relevant at this juncture as this sector has driven the economical growth in both the countries. Both the countries have similar problems like corruption and fudelism. However, fudelism is now confined to few states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc. in our country. Therefore these states lag behind in the economic growth witnessed in all remaining parts of this nation.

The basic reason behind this curse is the lack of middle class in the countries like Pakistan and the states like Bihar or UP. I really do not say that Pakistanis or Biharis are bad. However, the successive governments have denied the growth in Pakistan and above mentioned Indian states.

My point is for the prosperity of any nation, size never matters but the political will and the law respecting citizens. Singapore, Malaysia are small in size and population. Similarly China, India are huge in terms of population an area. All these countries are witnessing growth. This brings me back to the original point I raised i.e. political stability.

For the growth of this entire region, an economically strong and advaced Pakistan is vital. Else, there will be no stability in this entire region. To get these things right Pakistan must have non-volatile political environment. I always believed that we were separated in the name of religion in the past and we will get unified soon in the name of growth and development. JAI HIND.


Pakistan is a great nation.They are having multi talented people.I like their war fighting abilities.Like the ongoing war on terror.Great nation.All the best.


India has as many mobile phone companies as total number of mobile phones in Pakistan. :)

At the moment, even USA or Europe cannot compare with Indian in telecom growth, only country that can compare with India is China.

I guess some Indians (or some other country people) posting this kind of false blogs or false articles to insult Pakistan indirectly.

I’m sure no Pakistani who has some respect on Pakistan would not post this kind of articles that insults and humiliates Pakistanis indirectly.

I say Pakistan is doing good job in telecom but no where near to India and will not be; that is an open fact.


I think India's development is on its own and Pakistan uses a lot of aid,even some countries(china and middle east) are helping pakistan just to put a check on India.Pakistan GDP is around $100 billion whereas india had $1 trillion.so stop comparing india with pakistan better compare pakistan with bangladesh or likes.


i think pakistan opened its market before and it has got pretty high mobile penetration.india is going through a sustainable development..Nice to hear that pakistan is also doing well..pakistan should concentrate on home based companies to reap more profits from telecom sector


Delhi for "Majesty"
Banglore for "Beauty"
Chennai for "Cooks"
Kashmir for "Looks"
Gujarat for "Wealth"
MP for "Health"
Karnataka for "Silk"
Haryana for "Milk"
Nagaland for "Hills"
Ahmedabad for "Mills"
Bengal for "Writing"
Punjab for "Fighting"
Maharashtra for "Earning"
Andhra Pradesh for "Hard Working"
Bihar for "Mines"
Goa for "Wines"
Kerala for "Brain"
UP for "Grain"
HP for "Apples"
Orissa for "Temples"
States for "Unity"
INDIA for "Integrity"

That's my India,
The PRIDE of our lives!!!!

Yup That's My India!!!!!!!!!

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