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July 14, 2005


George Coyle

Mr. Turner

I appreciate your article about your FIOS installation. A couple of questions if you don't mind:

1. Are you happy with FIOS and if not, why?

2. Where did you install your wireless router....in the basement with the rest of the gear, or somewhere else? I assume that Verizon had to connect a CAT5 from the ONT to the router and it required a power connection (plug to the wall)?

3. I looked at the link you provided in your article and the wireless router can provide both wireless and wired connections. I have an older PC without a wireless card and several laptops with wireless cards and I'm hoping this one device will serve all.

Thanks for any feedback/advice. Your article was very helpful.


Yes, I'm happy with Fios service. It's still early days, i.e. I doubt that they've got a lot of other customers so far. Thus, there's still time for them to screw it up, but so far the bandwidth has been consistent - about 14.8-15.1 Mbps down and 1.6-1.8 Mbps up.

Everything Verizon installed was either outdoors or in the basement with the exception of one RJ-45 Ethernet jack which I had installed in my first floor office (the corner of another room) where I have my other computer and networking stuff (some might call it the mess...) and, of course, the "wireless router". Basically, they ran a Cat5 cable from the outdoor Optical Termination box into the basement and up through the floor to the baseboard in my office area.

As mentioned above, the wireless router is a D-Link "AirPlus Xtreme G" model DI-624 which is the combination of a home router, a four-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch and an 802.11g wireless LAN basestation. I'm using both the wired portion to drive several fixed Ethernet cables in my house and the wired portion to roam with one or two laptops.

The router is on a table on the first floor of our house (a 3 story 1870s wood frame building). Coverage is good throughout the house. I haven't tried outdoors. I can also see a WiFi signal from a neighbor (2 bars our of five) who lives > 200 ft away.

Bob Seldon Jr

I would like to order a hard copy of the Verizon installation CD

Pat Sheehan

Hi. Verizon is arriving at my house in two weeks to install FiOs and I'm currently in the process of dropping a cat-5 cable from my second story to my basement. (Verizon said they wouldn't fish the walls and I didn't want exposed cabling.) Shall I terminate each end of the cable, or will the installer do that? If I should, is it a male plug in the basement and a female outlet in my office? Thanks in advance for any help,


mike lowe

are you still a fios customer?


Mike, Yes I am still a Fios subscriber. It's still the best option where I live.
In 18 months of service, I've had one outage that I noticed. It was something, perhaps configuration-based, that was corrected while I was on the phone once I called to complain.
The effective speed has changed a bit over time. In July and August 2005 I was getting about 14.7 Mbps to 14.9 Mbps download and 2.7 Mbps or so upload.
I ran 4 successive test last night (11pm local time) and 3 successive test this morning (11am Sunday morning). Last night I was getting about 15.2 Mbps down and 1.2 Mbps-1.5 Mbps up. This morning I get 14.3 Mbps down and 1.2 Mbps to 1.7 Mbps up. So over time, the upload speed seems to have gone down a bit.


Hi there,
what is your experience with operating a server on your fios service? Does Verizon allow a mail server? Do they block any outgoing ports?

I know that most companies do not allow such things in their contract. However some enforce it all the time and make your life difficult, some only if you are making rel trouble (like running a high load server for music, game or video). Hence the question.




They are not shutting down mail servers, at least that I am aware of.

However, if you look at their terms of service at http://www2.verizon.net/policies/tos.asp , there is an explicit "You may not use the Broadband Service to host any type of server whether personal or commercial in nature" and an open-ended catch-all "The Service is a consumer service and is not designed or intended to be used by any business or for any business or commercial purpose."

electrical installation

is it very hazardous if you don't know how to attend the said task and yet you still do it all by yourself?

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