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June 04, 2005


Dustin Wish

I think you are hinting at the next level of computer pattern matching and that is understanding of the context or meaning of the whole. Google is a unique company in that that have the largest of data sets to pull from and cross reference. Meaning of a object comes from understand of the background, individual and environment in which it is used. The larger the data to pull from the more likely the correct pattern would emerge. A trend of understanding if you will. Not to say we as humans, based on our background, always derive the correct meaning of something, just ask my wife.


I finally wrote up my ideas on how we might accumulate some large public speech corpora. They're in blog entries for August 2nd and 3rd.

Barry Brilliant

I am very interested in Speech Recognition as it applies to the transciption of audio stories. I can see a time in the future when we can phone in a story, idea or comment and have both the audio and text available for anyone interested. Is someone out there working in this area? Please contact me.

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